My 2017 Flashback – A Link to the Future

2018 is coming, resolution and hope begin to be prepared, and also a chance for us to reflect about the past year. In 2017, using Australian Work And Holiday visa, I’m exploring Australia for one year, away from family in Indonesia, learn and trying to survive in a country where I have no working experience at all. This blog post is also become my end of the year reflection, pause my busy life for a moment to look back what I do in 2017, and i hope it can become “a link to the future”.

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Esai Foto – 10 Bulan Working Holiday

Tanggal 12 September 2017 ini, tepat 10 bulan berlalu sejak saya menginjakkan kaki di Australia pada tanggal 12 November 2016. Working Holiday menjadi sebuah sarana untuk keluar dari comfort zone sekaligus membuka mata untuk melihat dunia dari sebuah negara multikultural, Australia. Apa saja yang sudah saya lakukan selama 10 bulan? Saya mencoba meringkasnya dalam sebuah esai foto berikut,

Sydney (November 2016 – June 2017)

Melihat Sydney Opera House dari dekat menjadi momen pembuka bagaimana saya melihat dunia dari Australia

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My Google Story

Dreams come true! Finally I’m start working for Google, the internet giant, the dream company to work for many people. Oops, save your imagination first, because my story this time is far from what you might imagine when someone works for Google. This story was about my 6-months experience in Google Sydney, not from the office, but from from the kitchen, where we, The Google Food Team preparing all food and beverages for all Googlers. Here’s My Google Story!

Originally written in Bahasa Indonesia

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