My 2017 Flashback – A Link to the Future

2018 is coming, resolution and hope begin to be prepared, and also a chance for us to reflect about the past year. In 2017, using Australian Work And Holiday visa, I’m exploring Australia for one year, away from family in Indonesia, learn and trying to survive in a country where I have no working experience at all. This blog post is also become my end of the year reflection, pause my busy life for a moment to look back what I do in 2017, and i hope it can become “a link to the future”.

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My Story in Darwin, Australia

G’day mate.. finally I had time to write my story again. In this blog post, I would like to share my experience for 4 months living in the Outback Australia, Northern Territory, with its capital Darwin. City name like Tennant Creek, Alice Spring, Katherine, Renner Spring, may seem unfamiliar for you. How come? Because the area is more often targeted by backpacker than tourists who want to visit Australia. My story this time focuses on the Darwin city and a little bit in the Tennant Creek area.

Bahasa Indonesia baca di sini

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Cerita Saya di Darwin, Australia

Yoo pembaca.. akhirnya saya sempat menulis cerita lagi. Di tulisan kali ini, saya ingin bercerita pengalaman saya selama 4 bulan tinggal di kawasan pedalaman Australia, Northern Territory, dengan ibu kotanya Darwin. Nama-nama seperti Tennant Creek, Alice Spring, Katherine, Renner Spring, mungkin terasa asing bagi ‘kids jaman now’ bahkan yang sudah lama tinggal di Australia sekali pun. Kok bisa? Karena memang kawasan ini lebih sering dituju oleh para backpacker dibanding para wisatawan yang hendak berkunjung ke Australia. Cerita saya kali ini berfokus pada kota Darwin dan sedikit di daerah Tennant Creek.

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