My Google Story

Dreams come true! Finally I’m start working for Google, the internet giant, the dream company to work for many people. Oops, save your imagination first, because my story this time is far from what you might imagine when someone works for Google. This story was about my 6-months experience in Google Sydney, not from the office, but from from the kitchen, where we, The Google Food Team preparing all food and beverages for all Googlers. Here’s My Google Story!

Originally written in Bahasa Indonesia

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Cerita Saya di Google

Dreams come true! Saya akhirnya bekerja di Google, sang raksasa internet, perusahaan impian banyak orang. Ups, simpan dulu imajinasi kalian, karena cerita saya kali ini sangat jauh dari apa yang kalian mungkin bayangkan ketika mendengar seseorang bekerja di Google. Cerita ini akan berfokus pada pengalaman saya selama 6 bulan di Google Sydney, bukan dari kantornya, melainkan dari dapurnya, tempat kami, Google Food Team mempersiapkan segala makanan dan minuman untuk para Googlers. Inilah My Google Story!

Also available in English version. (I’ve tried my best to translate it manually, i’m sorry for any grammars error).

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Working Holiday Australia – How Much You Need on Your First Arrival

Great information about expense cost in Australia, credits to Ariesa Lee’s blog

Ariesa's beauty & travel journey

As I’ve promised earlier, I’m gonna write another post on how much budget you need to bring for working holiday in Australia. Since the living cost, especially rent fee, varies across cities, this is probably most suitable for people who want to land in Sydney as their first point of arrival. Although in the visa requirement we are all required to have AU$ 5,000 in our bank statement, many of working holiday visa makers, as far as I know, don’t actually bring that amount of money on their first arrival, including me!


So, how much do we actually need to bring when we first come here? Hmm, before giving you the answer to that question, I think it’s best that you answer this question yourself first:

What kind of accommodation do I want to stay and where?

This is a very crucial question since accommodation will contribute to a significant…

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