May the Force Be With You – PS Plus May Free Games

It’s May, we’re about to reach half of 2016 year. So many PlayStation games already released in January until last April. Our PS time was filled with games such as The Witness, Street Fighter V, Far Cry Primal, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Remastered, Ratchet and Clank, Dark Souls III, and so on. Thank you game developers, you’re make our days as gamer feels awesome.

On last May 5th, Atlus finally announced release date for most-awaited JRPG of this year, Persona 5, September 15th, 2016. Two weeks before FFXV release date. I hope 2016 will be the rise of JRPG, especially from Persona, Final Fantasy, and Star Ocean franchise. You can watch the recorded Persona 5 Tokyo Tower live streaming here. Thank you Atlus!

Uncharted! The biggest game release in May 2016 is Uncharted 4, another masterpiece from Naughty Dog. Singapore’s Uncharted 4 launch event is also very interesting, you can watch it on PlayStation Asia Facebook post. One of the best game easter egg also included in this GOTY 2016 candidate game, watch here. Thank you Naughty Dog!

E3 2016 is also just one month ahead, June 14-16. Can’t wait for another update from FFXV, Persona 5, PlayStation VR, and others. E3 always become a milestone for game history, pilgrimage for every gamer to meet their game developer directly.

Quick update, this May 10th, CD Projekt Red finally announced the release date for second expansion of The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine. It’s so close, May 31st 2016, can’t wait for the season finale of Geralt of Rivia saga.

Ah! Also this month, finally i’ve bought my second Dual Shock 4 controller. Now, i can enjoy playing co-op or multiplayer game with my younger brothers and my friends. Helldivers, Rocket League, PES 2016, even Beyond Two Souls, makes my multiplayer game experience feels better on PS4. Thank you PlayStation for make us feel alive as gamer!

May the force be with you!


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Sedikit Cerita dari Bloodborne

Bloodborne, game yang sempat saya bahas di GeMiGu edisi perdana ini, merupakan sebuah game mahakarya dari From Software yang dirilis eksklusif untuk PS4. Pengalaman bermain mengasah insting player untuk belajar lebih dan lebih baik lagi sehingga tidak terulang kesalahan yang sama, yang menyebabkan layar “YOU DIED” muncul berulang kali. Sampai tulisan ini dibuat, 6 Maret 2016, saya baru sampai di Old Yharnam, mengalahkan bos ketiga Blood-starved Beast di area ini, setelah sebelumnya berhasil mengalahkan Cleric Beast dan Father Gascoigne. Walau perjalanan masih panjang, pengalaman yang saya dapatkan lewat game satu ini begitu berharga, bukan hanya level player saja yang meningkat, namun juga skill dan pengalaman bertarung yang dimiliki oleh kita sebagai player.

Lalu, beberapa screenshot keren dari playthrough saya sampai bos ketiga, yang rasanya sayang jika tidak saya dokumentasikan dalam blog pribadi saya ini, (beberapa screenshot ‘mungkin’ mengandung SPOILER)

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New Year with PS Plus January 2016 Offers

Happy New Year 2016!
Yes, it’s already 2016 (wake up bro!), so many anticipated games will be released in 2016 especially for PS4. Street Fighter V, The Witness, Uncharted 4, Horizon Dawn, The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky, Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV and so many great titles on PS4. In late January, we can play The Witness from Jonathan Blow (Braid game developer) with his team in Thekla, Inc. And in mid-February, we can enjoy playing the most-awaited sequel from famous fighting game franchise, Street Fighter V.
Greatness await! 🙂

This January 2016, PlayStation Plus Asia give a list of awesome free games as usual, for PS4, PS Vita, and PS3. Let’s take a look for this month free games

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