Quote bagus dari e-book Game Project Completed

Hari ini saya mulai mencari dan membaca e-book tentang game development. Kali ini buku yang saya baca tidak seperti biasanya. Tidak bahasan tentang sisi teknis, game design, code, dsb. Tetapi lebih fokus kepada motivasi seorang game developer untuk menyelesaikan game yang sedang mereka kembangkan..

Berikut beberapa quote-quote bagus dari e-book ini:

Success is not the outcome of luck or help from others. The word “success” derives from “to succeed” in terms of “to result from”. Success results from target-oriented dedication. Luck may make you successful for a short while. But it’s the improvement of skills, the application of knowledge and plenty of trial and error that makes you successful for the long haul.

Now you may think “What are you talking about? I’m already coding my game and it’s nearly finished”. Well, are you already selling it for real cash? Making a game resembles pondering how to approach the girl. Selling it is the step where you walk over to her and open your mouth. Player feedback resembles the answer she gives you. The feedback is what you fear.

Update 17 November 2014

Forcing yourself to work when you have no concentration left is counterproductive. Your effectiveness will approach level zero mercilessly. It would be just a waste of time. Instead refill your concentration tank with a simple trick: rest. Either for 10 minutes or for 10 hours if you need. But rest when your mind gets weary.

A further trick for pushing your maxima is to read a lot. Read news about game development, blogs, books, magazines whatever serves you. Read regularly. Set yourself a minimum of books you want to read in a year, for example 1 book per month. As long as you keep your knowledge at its current level, you can optimize your effectiveness and efficiency just to the boundaries of this knowledge level. Apply your knowledge continuously so that it manifests in your daily deeds. Knowledge without application is worth nothing.

Another way to get faster is doing less. Cut off unnecessary work like pointless meetings, reading irrelevant blogs or discussing in forums just for the sake of it. Resist the temptation of polish when it’s not necessary. Don’t add game engine features which you don’t really need.

To be continue…

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